The Ultimate Guide to a Pro Gaming Setup for 2023

The phrase it's just a game is a cardinal sin in the gaming world, especially at the pro level. Amateur gamers across the globe tune in to watch their online gaming heroes stream gameplay on YouTube and other social media platforms to improve their skills, learn some tips and tricks, or be impressed.

Something else the gamer vlog trend does is provide insight into how these professional experts organize their setup. You may think that being the best is all down to skill, but the equipment and environment you use play a significant role. 

In this ultimate guide to a pro gaming PC setup, we look at what makes all this stuff important, what exactly you need, and the best way to put it all together to up your game. Our nine-step guide to a professional gaming desk setup makes it easy to plan your playing space to perfection. 

Why Does Your Gaming Setup Matter?

The gaming furniture you use can make or break you in the gaming world, especially when playing with the big boys in the professional realm. Even if you play purely as an amateur, the chances are there is a fair bit of competition between you and your online friends! 

A poorly thought-out setup makes it less comfortable and more difficult to easily reach what you need when you need it. It is also more likely to cause eye, neck, and back strain if you are not sitting in the optimal position. 

Put it this way: if you were going to spend five hours in the office working at a desk, on a computer, you wouldn't just throw together a place to sit with no thought for your comfort, productivity, and concentration. Well, the same applies to anyone spending a fair few hours on the PC for gaming purposes. 

Whatever your poison is and however talented you are, the correct setup can only bring improvement. If you take your gaming seriously, then you should really think about investing in a best gaming setup. 

Pros and Cons of a Professional Gaming Setup

How do you know if a full-blown pro gamer Esports-style setup is for you? The truth is that most people with a passion for gaming dream of a setup like this, but it is not practical for everyone. 

Here are a few of the main pros and cons of a professional gaming setup. 

Pros of a Professional Gaming Setup

  • You can play in comfort for as long as you want knowing your posture is supported and your muscles are not under strain.
  • The overall look of the best gaming setup is just cool- no doubt about it! If you plan to live stream or record videos for social media, you need to have the style.
  • Many people say the setup helps them focus better on the game since they are immersed in the setting.
  • Good quality gaming equipment is more powerful and better suited to gameplay, with faster response times and fewer issues with lagging.
  • If you are genuinely good enough to have a shot at becoming a real pro, this type of setup is a huge tool to help you get there.

Cons of a Professional Gaming Setup

  • Most high-quality equipment is not cheap, although there are budget alternatives for almost everything. There is no doubt about it- you need to spend a bit of money to achieve the ideal pro gaming PC setup.
  • When everything comes together, it can take up a fair deal of space. A professional gamer’s setup is not designed to be compact and discreet, so space is definitely a consideration.
  • If you don’t game a lot, a full professional setup may seem like overkill.
  • Some accessories and PCs can use a lot more energy than others, so consider that when you are planning your purchases. 

Essential Pro Gamer Equipment